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ABOUT / 關於 Joanne

Master Civility Trainer, Civility Expert Worldwide

VP Membership, Association of Image Consultant International (AICI)

(Chapter Malaysia)

Joanne Hoo is one of the only nine Master Civility Trainers in the world, certified by Civility Experts Worldwide. She is also an accredited AICI image consultant and has trained with several acclaimed image experts. She served as Vice President Membership of Association of Image Consultants International, Malaysia 2014-2016.

In her coaching and training programs, she goes beyond Image transformation and Etiquette practices where she believes ones must be able to appreciate the fundamental of civility in order to make a long lasting change. Her civility training offerings include workshops and presentations focused on character, confidence, social intelligence, courtesy and civility.

She is a company director of an established financial related company that stands tall in Malaysia in the past 50 years. She has successfully applied her civility training helping the company to build the culture of Mutual Respect, Trust and nurture the sense of belonging among the staffs. The result was low turnover, with 10 serving years being the minimum years of service of her current staff.

She has trained Maybank on a series of programs on Communication and Rapport building. She has also coached trainers of Great Eastern to develop solid content on Professional Image and effective training methodologies.

Helping women to gain confidence and build characters has always been her passion, where she found to train the beauticians from Michelle Lazar group, distributors from Amway and teachers from Bangsar Children Development Centre.

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